Films for learning German

We asked our German trainers at DIALOG: “Which films do you recommend to our course participants for learning German?” So we don’t have the ultimate best German-language films in this list, but tips to help you learn (like our Study Help). After all, listening is an important part of the language learning process and films offer an entertaining and convenient way to do this.

1. Willkommen bei den Hartmanns (2016)

… is a comedy in which Angelika Hartmann decides to take asylum seeker Diallo into her home. Her husband Richard is less than enthusiastic and things soon become chaotic: their grown-up children Philipp & Sofie also move back home. This is a recommendation from our Francesco, because the film is not only very funny, but also uses rather simple language.

Tip from: Francesco | at: Netflix | IMDb

2. 100 Dinge (2018)

Friends Toni and Paul are cool, young & very interested in consumerism, but now want to take on a challenge: they are giving up their material possessions for 100 days. Do they now realise what is really important? Francesco also recommends this film for its humour and not overly complicated language.

Tip from: Francesco | at: Netflix | IMDb

3. Herr Lehmann (2003)

The film (based on the novel by Sven Regener) follows the young Berliner Frank Lehmann and his quirky but lovable acquaintances during the time around the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This event, as well as a visit from his parents, disrupts the quiet everyday life of “Mr Lehmann”. Daniela recommends the film because it is mostly well spoken, has a good soundtrack and offers some historical background.

Tip from: Daniela | at: Amazon Prime | IMDb

4. Die Fälscher (2007)

The last Austrian Oscar winner tells the story of Salomon Sorowitsch, one of the best counterfeiters in 1930s Berlin. He is arrested and deported. In the concentration camp, he is ordered to counterfeit foreign currency for the National Socialists and finds himself in a major conflict of conscience. Daniela recommends this award-winning film  for advanced learners of German with an interest in history.

Tip from: Daniela | at Flimmit | IMDb

5. Betonrausch (2020)

The Netflix film tells the story of the rise of three young property fraudsters. They earn millions with their illegal scheme, but their web of lies could soon collapse. Elisabeth recommends the film for the clear language of its actors and its suspense.

Tip from: Elisabeth | at Netflix | IMDb

6. Oh Boy (2012)

Niko has dropped out of law school, lost his driving licence & his ATM card has been blocked. In this quiet black and white film, Niko is accompanied through Berlin and has many interesting encounters along the way. Ludwig recommends the film for its melancholy, the wonderful lead actor Tom Schilling and the authentic language.

Tip from: Ludwig | at Netflix | IMDb

7. Im Westen nichts Neues (2022)

The film, based on the well-known novel, tells the story of life and death on the Western Front. Paul and his friends volunteered for military service in 1917. They now experience the horrors of war first hand. Ludwig recommends this film because it makes an impressive anti-war statement and is quite clear in its language.

Tip from: Ludwig | at Netflix | IMDb

to be continued: We are still waiting for more tips from our trainers and will then expand this list. If you need more to watch right now, we recommend our series tips here on our blog – Part 1 (Comedy & Urban) & Part 2 (Crime & History) – as well as our Instagram watchlist. Now grab your popcorn and enjoy your home cinema evening!