German Course A2

The German course A2 starts where you left off in the German course A1 . You learn to communicate in everyday situations and to read simple texts. You will also learn new vocabulary and grammar. This course is for slightly advanced students.

DIALOG is happy to help you with language level A2.

How much is a German course
on the level A2 in Vienna?

Price* Course description
€ 349
1 month

Offer for Newcomers: German A2.1

Intensive course on the level A2.1 incl. 1 DIALOG workshop

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€ 748
2 months

Offer for Newcomers: German A2.1 & A2.2 (A2)

Intensive courses on the the level A2.1 & A2.2 incl. 1 DIALOG workshop.

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€ 399
1 month

Regular Price: German A2.1

Intensive course on the level A2.1

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€ 798,00
2 months

Regular price: German A2.1 & A2.2 (A2)

Intensive courses on the level A2.1 & A2.2

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*Prices include extra material and copies. Course books are not included. Optionally available at DIALOG: € 29.

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Learn geman A2 level all year around.

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Course times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • 09:00 – 11:45
  • 12:15 – 15:00
  • 15:30– 18:15

We offer one time a level each month. If you want to receive more information on exact times this month please contact We are looking forward to your mail.

Lajos Czirják
Lajos Czirják
8. November, 2022.
Enrollment was easy, very helpful and kind team... 🙂 well, let's start... I want to write the next post in German... 🥴
Keith Durrant
Keith Durrant
20. Oktober, 2022.
I booked a short course at this school. The school was well managed, bright and airy. I started from scratch and quickly learned a lot in a short space of time. My only regret was that I did not have the time to spend the whole month there. My teacher was Michael and he was absolutely brilliant. I recommend this school.
Bojan Rakita
Bojan Rakita
9. September, 2022.
Supernice people. Good and very relaxed atmosphere. Learning in small groups. No pressure.. they really invest time in explanation and providing answers. Both live and remote attendance in courses is possible.
Cordilia Chiunye
Cordilia Chiunye
5. September, 2022.
Its a place to be when you are a beginner in German language, warm welcoming,friendly and helpful staff members who spreads a positive vibe nomatter what time of the day it is💓
Yulia Venneker
Yulia Venneker
28. August, 2022.
Incredible school, amazing atmosphere and delightful teachers. These factors made my son fall in love with German and greedy for getting more and more new knowledge. Thank you, guys!!!!! We are with you!!!
4. August, 2022.
Sehr Gute Institut! Empfehlenswert. Lg

What will you learn in a German course on the level A2?
Here is your course content.


The A2 German Course consolidates what has been learned in the A1 German Course and builds on it by learning further grammatical structures. You will learn to introduce yourself and to communicate in areas of daily life. After completing the language course you can:

  • understand and use frequently used sentences and expressions.
  • communicate in simple, routine situations.
  • have conversations about familiar things.

The DIALOG language course is divided into two language levels (A2.1 and A2.2) and is conducted as usual with a maximum of 5-10 participants.

More information:

Course material: Menschen A2 volume 1 (A2.1) | Menschen A2 volume 2 (A2.2)

Language levels according to CEFR: German A2 | Levels: A2.1 und A2.2

Test preparation upon request: ÖSD A2 Grundstufe Deutsch 2 | telc A2 | ÖIF A2 – Fit für Österreich

A2.1 – 1 month | A2.2 – 1 month

Finish one level in only one month!

Get started with our
Newcomer Package for only € 748,00!

For newcomers: 2 German courses (A2.1 & A2.2 – 2 months in total) | 1 x DIALOG workshop (1-2 hours)

German Course A2.1
Everything you need to know!

In the first part of the A2 German course you will work on your listening, reading and writing skills on various topics from everyday life. All topics build on your previous knowledge of German from level A1. Our language trainers will teach you new words and deepen your German grammar.

Your German knowledge after the course A2.1 is:


Talking about everyday life

At the beginning of the A2.1 German course you will learn to talk about various topics that concern you and can help you with daily routines. You will be able to tell more about yourself, make appointments with friends and family and have simple conversations.

Finally you will be able to read and understand magazines, postcards or brochures. Replies to emails or letters from your friends will no longer be a problem for you!

We use the following topics to expand your vocabulary

  • family
    telling family stories
  • activities and events
    specifying sequences
  • furniture
    giving tips for furnishing
  • moving
    giving advice, indicating positions
  • nature and landscapes 
    expressing preferences and wishes
  • food, packaging and weights 
    shopping, expressing preferences
  • tourism
    planning together, reporting on something
  • events
    making suggestions, reject/agree
  • sports
    seeking and giving advice
  • being sick 
    expressing compassion and concern
  • accidents
    expressing hope
  • work life 
    expressing/emphasizing importance
  • in a restaurant 
    ordering, complaining, asking for and paying something
  • everyday things
    rating, congratulating and thanking someone or something
  • food
    expressing and comparing surprises

Grammar for A2.1

Of course, the German language does not only consist of vocabulary. In this part of the course we will also deal with new grammar topics and deepen the existing ones.

Grammar topics A2.1
possessive article unser/euer temporal preposition zwischen and temporal adverbs such as montags
Perfect and preterite (past tenses) conjunctions weil/deshalb
accusative/dative local prepositions declination of adjectives without articles (mit Nullartikel)
verbs which need accusative/dative local prepositions conjunction dass
declination of adjectives after indefinite articles reflexive verbs
declination of adjectives after definite articles conjunction wenn
temporal prepositions über/ subjunctive II könnte/sollte
noun word formations

In order to consolidate the German grammar, we try to explain all points in a comprehensible way and show you how to use them in practice. We also know from experience that the correct oral use of grammar is often difficult. To counteract this, oral exercises and activities are used right from the start.

Language levels


Language levels of our German courses according to CEFR:

German Course A2.2
All you need to know!

In the second part of this course we also concentrate on your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in German. After finishing your course you will finally be able to talk about your German course in Vienna. For your next holiday you can book a hotel room independently and tell your friends about your travel or television habits.

Your German knowledge after the course A2.2 is:


These exciting topics await you…

  • language learning tips 
    reporting on language learning experiences
  • mail
    Expressing joy, writing personal emails
  • media
    talking about television habits
  • hotel
    booking rooms, describing routes
  • travel and traffic 
    talking about travel habits
  • weather
    talking about the weather
  • events
    convincing/spiriting someone, reacting hesitantly to suggestions
  • press and books
    expressing interest / disinterest
  • documents
    asking for reports/descriptions, reporting/describing
  • registrations online
    explaining and understanding  instructions
  • school and education 
    expressing satisfaction/discontent
  • mobility, travel and abroad 
    expressing enthusiasm/disappointment

Grammar A2.2

We will continue to improve your grammar and cover new topics. With additional exercises, practical examples and easily understandable explanations, we consolidate your grammar knowledge at the A2 level.

Grammar topics A2.2

conjunction als local prepositions with Woher?
passive in the present tense modal verbs in preterite
verbs with dative and accusative | positions of dative/accusative objects in a sentence questions with Welch-? | demonstrative pronouns | the verb lassen
indirect questions with  ob/wie lange and local prepositions gegenüber/an..vorbei/durch conjunctions bis/seit(dem)
local prepositions with Wo?/Wohin? relative pronouns in nominative and accusative
verbs with prepositions and prepositional pronouns preterite

German course A2.1 or A2.2?

Which of the two parts is right for you can easily be determined with our DIALOG placement test.