German Course B2

The German course B2 continues where you left off in the German course B1. You learn to participate in professional discussions and to read and understand more complex texts. Your vocabulary and grammar skills will also be further improved. This course is for advanced learners.

DIALOG is happy to help you with language level B2.


How much is the
B2 German Course in Vienna? 

Price* Course description
€ 349
1 month

Offer for Newcomers: German B2.1

Intensive course on the level A1.1 incl. 1 DIALOG workshop

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€ 748
2 months

Offer for Newcomers: German B2.1 & B2.2 (B2)

Intensive courses on the the level B2.1 & B2.2 incl. 1 DIALOG workshop.

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€ 399
1 month

Regular Price: German B2.1

Intensive course on the level B2.1

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€ 798,00
2 months

Regular price: German B2.1 & B2.2 (B2)

Intensive courses on the level B2.1 & B2.2

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*Prices include extra material and copies. Course books are not included. Optionally available at DIALOG: € 29,00.

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Attend german lessons b2 throughout the year.

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Course times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

  • 09:00 – 11:45
  • 12:15 – 15:30
  • 15:30 – 18:15

We offer one time a level each month. If you want to receive more information on exact times this month please contact We are looking forward to your mail.

Lajos Czirják
Lajos Czirják
8. November, 2022.
Trustindex überprüft, ob die Originalquelle der Bewertung Google ist.
Enrollment was easy, very helpful and kind team... 🙂 well, let's start... I want to write the next post in German... 🥴
Keith Durrant
Keith Durrant
20. Oktober, 2022.
Trustindex überprüft, ob die Originalquelle der Bewertung Google ist.
I booked a short course at this school. The school was well managed, bright and airy. I started from scratch and quickly learned a lot in a short space of time. My only regret was that I did not have the time to spend the whole month there. My teacher was Michael and he was absolutely brilliant. I recommend this school.
Bojan Rakita
Bojan Rakita
9. September, 2022.
Trustindex überprüft, ob die Originalquelle der Bewertung Google ist.
Supernice people. Good and very relaxed atmosphere. Learning in small groups. No pressure.. they really invest time in explanation and providing answers. Both live and remote attendance in courses is possible.
Cordilia Chiunye
Cordilia Chiunye
5. September, 2022.
Trustindex überprüft, ob die Originalquelle der Bewertung Google ist.
Its a place to be when you are a beginner in German language, warm welcoming,friendly and helpful staff members who spreads a positive vibe nomatter what time of the day it is💓
Yulia Venneker
Yulia Venneker
28. August, 2022.
Trustindex überprüft, ob die Originalquelle der Bewertung Google ist.
Incredible school, amazing atmosphere and delightful teachers. These factors made my son fall in love with German and greedy for getting more and more new knowledge. Thank you, guys!!!!! We are with you!!!
4. August, 2022.
Trustindex überprüft, ob die Originalquelle der Bewertung Google ist.
Sehr Gute Institut! Empfehlenswert. Lg

What do you learn in the B2 German course?
Here is your course content.


  • Knowledge from German course B1

The B2 German course consolidates the knowledge gained in the B1 German course and builds on this by adding further grammatical structures. You will learn to understand technical discussions in your field of expertise as well as more complex texts. After completion of the language course you can:

  • communicate spontaneously and fluently.
  • make conversation with native speakers without too much effort.
  • express yourself clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics.

The DIALOG language course is divided into two language levels (B2.1 and B2.2) and is held as usual with a maximum of 5-10 participants.

Further information:

Course material: Sicher! B2 Part 1 (B2.1) | Sicher! B2 Part 2 (B2.2)

Language levels according to CEFR: German B2 | Levels: B2.1 and B2.2

Exam preparation: ÖSD Certificate German Austria B2 | telc B2 | ÖIF B

B2.1 – 1 month | B2.2 – 1 month

Complete a level in just one month!

With the Newcomer Package for only € 748,00 you can start now!

For new clients: 1x German course B2.1 & 1x B2.2 (2 months) | 1 x DIALOG workshop (1-2 hours)

German Course B2.1
What you should know!

In part one of the B2 German course you will work on your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills on concrete and abstract specialist topics. All topics are based on your previous knowledge of German from level B1. Our language trainers will teach you new vocabulary and deepen your German grammar.

Your German language skills after the German course B2.1:


Talking about specialist topics

At the beginning of the B2.1 German course you will learn to talk about various topics that can help you in technical discussions and reading comprehension of complex, concrete and abstract texts. You will be able to take an active part in discussions and to give reasons for your views as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different options.

Finally, you will be able to write clear and detailed texts such as essays and reports on complex topics.

We use these topics to expand your vocabulary: 

  • friendship
    discussing and analyzing friendships
  • age and love
    giving a presentation, greeting cards
  • business life 
    business telephone calls, discussions
  • positions and activities in the office 
    speaking about professional activities
  • media
    presenting news
  • media industry 
    composing personal emails
  • after graduation
    writing a blog post
  • job fairs 
    submitting evaluations
  • body and health 
    consultation and search notice
  • body awareness 
    figures of speech about the body
  • experiencing cities 
    cities, city guides and advertising leaflets
  • infrastructure 
    discussing leisure activities

Your grammar topics at level B2.1

Of course, the German language is not only made up of words, which is why we will also deal with new grammar topics and consolidate the existing ones in this part of the course.

Your grammar topics at level B2.1

two-part connectors expressing temporal information & temporal connections
suffixes in nouns and adjectives suffix -weise
positions in the midfield the verb lassen
passive future II
prefixes in nouns nominalization of verbs
present participle and perfect as adjectives meanings of the subjunctive II
reference words in a text adjectives with prepositions
uninitiated if-sentences

In order to finally consolidate the German grammar, we try to explain all points clearly and comprehensively and guide you how to use them in practice. We also know from experience that the correct oral application of grammar is often difficult. To make this process more effective for you oral exercises and activities are introduced from the beginning.

German Course B2.2
Everything you need to know!

The second part of the course also focuses on your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in German. At the end of this course you will be able to talk about your German course in Vienna. You can prepare and give your next presentation for work or study independently.

Your German skills after the German course B2.2: 


These exciting topics will be covered…

  • relationships 
    talking about relationships
  • ways of life 
    writing a letter to the editor
  • nutrition
    reporting on regional dishes, presening a project
  • food
    writing advertising texts, letters of complaint
  • at the university 
    discussing choices of studies, writing a letter of motivation
  • studying
    exchanging experiences
  • services
    offering a service
    summarizing texts
  • health
    conversations with your doctor, writing a forum contribution
  • medicine and therapies 
    discussing healing methods, first-aid kit
  • language
    learning foreign words
  • regions
    presenting an offer, writing a statement

Grammar on the level B2.2

We will continue to work on your grammar and cover new topics. With realistic exercises, practical examples as well as clear explanations, we consolidate your previous grammar knowledge at level B2.

Grammar topics at level B2.2
Nouns with prepositions alternatives to the passive voice
indefinite pronouns
generalizing relative clauses modal relations in a sentence
subjective meaning of the modal verb sollen extended participles
concessive & consecutive clauses fixed noun-verb phrases
adversative clauses participles as nouns

Language levels


Language levels of our German courses according to CEFR:

German Course B2.1 or B2.2?

Which of the two parts is right for you can easily be determined with our DIALOG placement test.