D!ALOG – Der SprachCampus: WELCOME!

Our mission

DIALOG – DER SPRACHCAMPUS specializes in language training for adults. In our training programs, we focus primarily on practical and interpersonal experiences. More about our mission: Leitbild

Diversity Management

Why a diversity concept? Why is that necessary – people from all over the world and from all kinds of life situations attend language courses anyway, so diversity shouldn’t be an issue, should it?

That is exactly the point. All people are different and this sometimes leads to misunderstandings and, in the worst case, to (avoidable) conflicts, both in the language course and in life. We want to consciously emphasize this difference in a positive way and equate diversity with uniqueness. We see differences of any kind, especially in our field, but also holistically, as an enrichment. We also want to make it clear that diversity is not about numbers and percentages for us, but about people as individuals. Diversity is something one lives.

Diversity concept DIALOG: Diversity Konzept & Maßnahmen

We are D!ALOG – Der SprachCampus.

Meet us personally!

Hello! We are Kathrin Kreiner and Michael Englberger the CEOs and Founders of D!ALOG – Der SprachCampus. We demand of ourselves to offer you language from a new perspective for the best language training in a great atmosphere in Vienna. Just visit us and meet us personally! We are looking forward to welcome you!

Kathrin Kreiner, Geschäftsführung

After several years of managing and developing a language school in Vienna, as well as building up and organizing other subsidiaries in Bratislava, Munich and Berlin, it is time for me to realize my own ideas. Therefore, I am really happy to implement and combine the best course concepts with the most successful methods in language training. With DIALOG – Der SprachCampus, I am glad to bring more space for international diversity and to improve communication between people and their different cultures.

Kathrin Kreiner

Michael Engelberger

Languages connect people! That´s why the idea of founding a language school has inspired me right from the beginning. After successfully completing my Master’s degree in Economics, I gained a lot of experience in building up and consulting new companies. Especially the cooperation in projects with international teams, with different languages and cultures was fascinating. Therefore I´m really happy to further develop the dialogue between different nationalities by offering the services of DIALOG – Der SprachCampus.

Michael Englberger

Why D!ALOG – Der SprachCampus?

DIALOG – Der SprachCampus stands for passion, respect and flexibility. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers support us in our mission. Our team consists of an exceptional collection of original people.