Viennese Dialect

27.07.2020 | 17:00 - 18:30

Start Up Vienna

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Coffee House Culture

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Daily Life Workshop – Viennese Dialect

Description: Vienna`s local language is officially German, but residents of the city and the rest of Austria use a slightly different dialect than in Germany. Let`s learn some Viennese German!

Target group: German learners (B1 – C2)
Duration: 2 units à 45 minutes
Costs: € 25 per session

DIALOG Workshop Coffee
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Daily Life Workshop – Coffee House Culture

Description: Do you know what makes the Viennese coffee house so special and popular? Join us in an expedition and discover the secrets of the modern and traditional Vienna´s coffee house cult(ure)!

In this workshop you will learn everything about the famous Viennes coffee house culture. Together we will discover the secrets of Viennese coffee, experience the manufacturing process and differences between the individual varieties. We will lend a hand and brew our favourite coffee with an expert and barista. The experience will also include the most important expressions for you coffee house visit in Vienna.

Language: German B1-C2| English
Duration: 2 units à 45 minutes
Costs: € 32 incl. coffee tasting

DIALOG Workshop Coffee
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Start Up Vienna Workshop

Description: You are new to Vienna and need help with your first steps in the city? In this workshop, you will learn to understand official documents and together we will master all relevant steps for your start in Vienna. More knowledge, better understanding!

Language: German | English
Dauer: 2 units à 45 minutes
Kosten: € 32,00