Intensive courses at DIALOG give self-confidence

Kate is Commercial Business Lead. Austria is her third stop abroad and German is her third foreign language. 1.5 years ago she moved to Vienna for work and decided to use the time between jobs to improve her German skills. Here in Vienna, at our language school DIALOG , she completed a complete C1 intensive course .

After a short break, she plans to return to a C1 conversation course and has already pre-registered for a possible C2 course in 2024. Kate’s ultimate goal is to master German to the point where she can stand on a large stage and give an inspiring talk in German to a wide audience.

We’re excited to ask Kate a few questions and find out why she decided to continue her German adventure with us.

Do you also want to learn a new language? Find out here how Kate benefited from the German courses offered at our language school. Let’s go!

Atmosphere & learning at DIALOG

DIALOG: How did the personal support and atmosphere at DIALOG – DER LANGUAGE CAMPUS help you and what influence did it have on your success in learning German?

KATE: I would like to start my story by saying that DIALOG is not my first German school. My first steps began at university. Then I completely forgot German when I moved to England. About three years ago I started taking private courses at the Goethe-Institut in Dublin. The trainers were all good, but not the best. Therefore, I could describe myself as an experienced German learner.

Everywhere before, I was taught German as a demanding language with strict rules that, to be honest, wasn’t that much fun. You can learn a foreign language just by sitting in the classroom and doing regular exercises (which is most common in regular schools), or you can also prepare presentations, watch exciting videos, go on a hike and meet people in a cafe or a cafe after class Meet at bar. This is much more fun in my opinion .

This is where DIALOG really stands out – not only from all my previous experiences learning German , but also from the strong competition from other language schools in Vienna. This makes learning fun, varied and interesting. It builds a community of people who are interested in learning German and feeling good about it.

DIALOG: How did the trainers support you in learning German? What specific aspects of the course did you particularly enjoy?

KATE: From the moment I googled DIALOG language school, it took less than 24 hours until I was sitting in my classroom with a course book. All details and questions were answered in a super friendly and efficient manner. How impressive is that!

Then I was completely overwhelmed by the competence and passion for the German language of our trainer Jakob, who taught our group at levels C1.1 and C1.2. I’ve seriously never seen anyone who knows so much about linguistics and can explain it so simply, give examples in multiple languages ​​and help someone with questions.

Tools & Methods

DIALOG: Which methods helped you improve your German skills ?

KATE: I really liked the variety of tasks, a small but consistent amount of regular homework, which I think is absolutely necessary for constant progress.

We watched well-chosen videos both from the course book and on YouTube , listened to interviews and conversations, and worked with a trainer or in a small group. It was never boring and there was always something new, which I think is the key to consistent and positive language learning.

DIALOG:  What helped you learn?

KATE: I think seeing your own progress is the best motivation to keep going. I always say that German is my “life journey” and I will probably learn it throughout my life. But it was only after the C1 intensive courses at DIALOG that I finally had the feeling that I could do it – I could speak German , I could understand, I feel safe, I see the progress and I want to come back to try again.

I think progress is the best motivation for any learner – you believe you can do it – that’s empowering! And here is the best team that can support you.

Course & additional program

DIALOG: Did the German courses and the additional program (such as workshops or “Feierabendbier” ) help you to feel more comfortable in the new city and to apply your language skills in real situations?

KATE: I really liked the additional activities organized by the language school. They help learners get to know each other better, make friends or learn something new. This is crucial when seeking community, especially in a new country.

DIALOG: Did the flexibility of class times and modes help you? Was it possible to combine learning German with other commitments?

KATE: Absolutely! I really liked the options for different times, days of the week or in-person/ online options. The team always strives to find the right path for you to ensure learning remains accessible and possible.

Learn German & Vienna

DIALOG: What are your favorite words or sentences in (Austrian) German? What experiences have you had with German in Austria?

KATE: “Schau ma mal” – it’s the Austrians’ funniest and most fundamental phrase, which means “yes, maybe or probably not”. And: “Oachkatzlschwoaf” – I think it’s super funny. Why would you call a little squirrel tail like that?

I still have to work hard to fully understand the people of Austria. The German language is full of dialects and accents that have nothing to do with each other, making it even more difficult for naive language learners to fully understand. I’ve heard that some Germans also find it difficult to understand people from Tyrol. It gives me hope.

DIALOG: Which sentences should newcomers to Vienna learn?


  • “My respect!”
  • “We’ll see!”
  • the biscuit
  • ur-

These would be my top sentences or words especially for Vienna .

DIALOG: What’s the best thing to do in Vienna when you need a break from learning German?

KATE: Vienna is a very cosmopolitan and multicultural city and there is a lot to do even if you don’t speak German. You can either go to the cinema (there are so many cool cinemas that show films in the original language – pay attention to the abbreviation OV) or you can go and work out at the best gym F45 , where all classes are in English. It is only a 7-minute walk from the language school.

Learning success & conclusion

DIALOG:  Do you think that the courses taught you everything you need to communicate successfully in a German-speaking environment?

KATE: Yes! They not only gave me new insights into the German language, but also gave me self-confidence. The most important thing is to go out and speak a foreign language !

DIALOG: Would you recommend DIALOG?

KATE: 100% me!

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