German Course C1

In deinem Deutschkurs C1 lernst, dich kompetent auszudrücken und anspruchsvolle Texte zu lesen. Zusätzlich wird dein Wortschatz auf hohem Niveau erweitert und deine Grammatikkenntnisse werden nochmals im Detail verbessert. Dieser Kurs ist für Fortgeschrittene und führt zu einer kompetenten Sprachverwendung Privat oder im Beruf.

DIALOG freut sich, dir beim Sprachlevel C1 zur Seite zu stehen.

Deutsch C1 Intensiv

Der Deutschkurs C1 (C1.1 bzw. C1.2) Intensiv startet dort, wo der Deutschkurs B2 geendet hat und bringt dich auf ein weit fortgeschrittenes Sprachlevel.

Deutschkurs C1 starten

Deutsch C1 Perfektion

Hier findest du einen perfekten und aktiven Kurs, wenn du deine Kenntnisse auf dem Niveau C1 auffrischen bzw. perfektionieren möchtest. Erfahre mehr.

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Was kostet der
Deutschkurs C1 in Wien?

Preis* Kursbeschreibung
€ 289,00
1 Monat

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Intensivkurs für Deutsch C1.1 oder C1.2 inkl. 1x DIALOG-Workshop.

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€ 608,00
2 Monate

Angebot für NeukundInnen: Deutsch C1.1 & C1.2

Intensivkurs für Deutsch C1.1 & C1.2  inkl. 1x DIALOG-Workshop.

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€ 319,00
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Normalpreis: Deutschkurs C1.1 oder C1.2

Intensivkurs für Deutsch C1.1 oder C1.2

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€ 638,00
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Normalpreis: Deutschkurs C1.1 & C1.2

Intensivkurs für Deutsch C1.1 & C1.2

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*Die Preise beinhalten zusätzliches Material und Kopien. Kursbücher sind nicht inbegriffen. Optional erhältlich bei DIALOG: € 25

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C1 Deutschkurse in Wien  finden ganzjährig statt.

Schülerinen beim Planen - Deutschkurstermine
Inteniv Deutschkurs Gruppenfoto


Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag

  • 09:00 – 12:00 Uhr
  • 12:15 – 15:15 Uhr
  • 15:15 – 18:15 Uhr

Für jedes Level bieten wir dir eine Uhrzeit pro Monat. Über die genauen Termine für dieses Monat informieren wir dich gerne auf Anfrage unter

I spend a very good time in DIALOGUE. Great location, easy to go. The staff are very friendly and the instructors are good and provide individual focus on each student within the group. Also, i am having individual (1 to 1 ) session which are super good with Ludwig. He focuses on my weakness to improve them.
Dina Bayomie
11:42 07 Aug 18
Very good experience, particularly in Ludwig's class. Well structured and presented content, easy to follow. I highly recommend his classes, lots of attention to personal requirements and curiosities. Highly enjoyable courses.
Diana Cristina Laptuca
21:55 30 Jul 18
small groups, helpful staff and the teacher is really focusing on teaching. highly recommended
Bogi Mecsei
15:08 06 Aug 18
I'm very satisfied with my German conversation course: nice location, very nice atmosphere, comfortable tables... I can honestly called it: "high quality language school"
Paulina Radziszewska
21:12 21 Mar 18
Very convenient location, great teachers as well as a very friendly staff. Makes this school one of the greatest German school in Vienna. Can only recommend it.
Yacine Lounis
12:31 11 Jan 18
I was opportuned to have been one of the people Dialog sprachcampus has helped with German language lessons.., Frankly speaking Dialog spachcampus is one of the best language school you can find in Vienna. Classrooms are very conducive for learning, kind hearted and friendly teacher.. I want to really say a big thank you to the Dialog team and staffs ??
Diamond Black
21:22 23 May 18
I recommend for 3 main reasons: 1. The staff is super friendly and flexible (e.g. I wasnt happy with the result of my level test so they offered me to try lessons before paying to get a feeling of the level and the teacher, I could borrow a book home before buying it, I got certifikates, could fotocopy while in somewhere else wanted me to pay extra for all). 2. The groups are not that big (we were 4-5 in my previous and 7 now. Finally 3. I feel the main focus in the classes is on encouraging and practising speaking. We can always do more grammar and writing exercices at home and the teacher will correct it, explain etc. but in the classes we speak while playing grammar/vocabulary games etc. so it is more fun than pain (which learning a new language can be) :)
Radka Svobodová
18:15 06 Mar 19
If you want to learn the language effectively but in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this is definitely the place to go!Competent, knowledgeable and witty teachers will not only teach you this complex language, but also provide interesting insights on Austrian culture and lifestyle.I would highly recommend the school to anyone!
15:16 14 Mar 19
Best German Course, great teachers, great location, great staff!
Wagner Mantovaneli
22:02 16 Apr 19
Best Teaching methods and experienced Teacher. Now I am confident that I can learn German :)
Velnambi Sadasivam
14:29 29 May 19
DIALOG is a great place to learn German! I would say it's the best place to learn German in Vienna :) Location is convenient (right next to Mariahilferstraße), office stuff is very friendly and helpful. Study groups are small, mine was 4-5 people, and learning process is well structured with lots of participants involvement, dialogues, study games, etc. At the same time they give very solid grammar foundation, which helped me to spring over one level in German (!), when I've continued learning it in another place. Special thanks to Michael, who is in my opinion is a great teacher! Hope to come back here when I have more time and sending my kid to A2 course as well.
Vladimir Ioffe
10:11 07 Jul 19
very good teachers and very helpful for german learners!
Teofil B
11:33 10 Jul 19
very good teachers and very helpful for german learners!
Teofil B
11:44 11 Jul 19
I was very happy with the school and the teaching staff. I brought a small group of students to Vienna and they were hugely positive about the learning experience and their teacher, Bastian. Location just by the lively Mariahilferstrasse was ideal for us and right by the Zieglergasse underground station as well. All very convenient. The classrooms were all clean and bright and well equipped. All very professionally run. I would highly recommend.
Colin oftheClans
08:39 17 Jul 19
DIALOG is a great place to learn German! I would say it's the best place to learn German in Vienna :) Location is convenient (right next to Mariahilferstraße), office stuff is very friendly and helpful. Study groups are small, mine was 4-5 people, and learning process is well structured with lots of participants involvement, dialogues, study games, etc. At the same time they give very solid grammar foundation, which helped me to spring over one level in German (!), when I've continued learning it in another place. Special thanks to Michael, who is in my opinion is a great teacher! Hope to come back here when I have more time and sending my kid to A2 course as well.
Vladimir Ioffe
10:11 07 Jul 19
Dialog ❤️❤️Worth it because I am very happy because I studied in this place .. Excellent place from staff to teachers to students actually I am very pleased and will complete my education in the German language in this place
Nabaa Alani
12:56 04 Oct 19
My friend Asessandra from Italy booked single lessons for German language in the DIALOG language scool. She had a very good time there. Michael, her teacher was very very good and pacient. The whole staff was ver friendly ansd the School is organized very good. When she will come to Vienna the next time she will continue the lessons.
Gabriele Mann
17:55 22 Oct 19
After 2 months of learning in Dialog, I think it's a wonderful school with harmonious teachers and a particularly elegant learning environment. The traffic is super convenient, and the subway exit is in 2 minutes by walking. I started learning German from A1 and decide to continue till I will reach B1 next year. Students are come from different countries, that make the learning atmosphere so fun and pleasant. I think this is the place that really suits new learner . If you work hard , you will gain a lot from it.
16:30 14 Nov 19
Conversation Training course with Michael and about to make B1.2 with Sabrina. The atmosphere is perfect for fast learning and enjoying the learning process. The teachers are very attentive to everyone and high skilled in explaining every possible misunderstanding. Here you can learn not only standard German, but also deepen your understanding of Vienna German and Austrian culture and traditions. DIALOG is well organized - there is everything needed at your convenience. I would gladly recommend DIALOG to everyone, who is egar to improve his German.
Saphitrite .
13:53 15 Nov 19
I had very good experience with the German course. Small group, good teacher, fair estimation of the current language knowledge prior to the course. The school offers also extra additional language workshops focused on a specific topic (e.g. job interview preparation, wiener dialect)
Petra Trnková
13:45 22 Dec 19
I attended the Intensive German courses at the Dialog - Der Sprachcampus and would like to recommend the school as well as the teachers/staff.Teachers are well prepared for any kind of questions that students might ask they were always happy to answer them as soon as possible. Even though my courses were not individual but the group ones (groups up to 9 people) I have the impression like they were "tailor-made" for each and every student.Complete Dialog's Staff is very friendly, positive and above all proactive!Location is good, very close to public transportation.I think I made quite a bit of progress in my German level during the courses. I am very happy about it!Congratulations Campus team! Keep it up!
14:37 17 Jan 20
-Prefect location -Small groups 5-6, so easier to learn and have interactive conversations -Loved the „speak like a local“ workshop ! -Staff very friendly and there to help you -Facilities clean and spacious Generell ich war zufrieden.
Zena Mk
16:12 24 Jan 20
One of the best schools In Vienna, prices are in a good range, high quality service and staff it's super professional.Best place to Learn Deutsch in Wien.
Joshua Grilli
01:58 06 Feb 20
I have followed 2 courses at Dialog. Both of them were educative, dynamic and understandable. The teacher are using different techniques to keep it dynamic. As well the service and communication is great.
Kevin R.
09:41 07 Feb 20
I have followed 2 courses at Dialog. Both of them were educative, dynamic and understandable. The teachers are using different techniques to keep it dynamic. As well their service and communication is great.
Kevin R.
08:12 27 Feb 20
Did an intensive German course for 3 months with Dialogue. The service, teachers and the overall environment was EXCELLENT. Definitely coming back to continue my classes there. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
10:39 17 Jul 20
Best in town, great staff, responsive, supportive.Great learning experience, both of my teachers are awesome.Friendly, highly flexible during coivd 19.Highly recommended
jafra assaf
20:53 23 Nov 20
The teachers (Ludwig,Daniela and Michael are the BEST german conversation teachers I ever met )are professional,passion and with interesting teaching method for conversation course !Already recommend other friends to come here and will definitely join in future for further level courses !
Chelsea Liu
15:42 18 Nov 20
Absolutely in LOVE with the classrooms, luminous and spacious, location simply impeccable. Great atmosphere and very responsible and experienced teachers, passionate and prepared. The school gives a strong focus on speaking which in my opinion is crucial for language learning and such emphasis is always appreciated. I would recommend it to student of all levels that seeks affordable high quality courses.
Rong Zhang
22:02 07 Jun 21
After spending five months at Dialogue, I am continually amazed at how each teacher is engaged, interested, motivated and passionate about teaching German. It's always a really organic experience and the teachers make you feel like they want to be there, which makes you want to be there. I've also made some great friends that have really made Vienna feel more like home.If you are thinking about making the not so easy decision of learning German, I definitely recommend Dialogue. I'll be back to continue my German learning here soon.
Luke G
22:07 01 Jul 21
Its a place to be when you are a beginer in German language, warm welcoming,friendly and helpful staff members who spreads a positive vibe nomatter what time of the day it is💓
Cordilia Chiunye
07:22 29 Jun 21
I spent a month in an intensive C1.1 German and conversation course here in September 2021. I enjoyed the teachers, their excellent background and the focus and interest they had in the class. It was a full immersion course, no English spoken, and I really enjoyed it! I was the only native English speaker in the 8 person class and we all spoke to each other in German, so I had constant "real world" experience. They even offer Austrian dialect workshops for additional education.
Lynne Warner
08:56 08 Oct 21
I had a worst German class in this InstituteI've wasted my time for one monthThe funny thing was when you have a problem with your unprofessional teacher who doesn't know anything about the book and about teaching. After confronting the manager with the issue he doesn't even listen to you or correct it and the most of the students had this problem. it's so wierd that they have so many good reviews and i think this reviews are written by owners.after this experience i switched to Deutschakademie Institute, they are so professional and give you the money back Guarantee .
sahar beglou
20:53 26 Sep 21
I definitely recommend DIALOG for purpose-oriented courses, flexible hours, a friendly and professional team, a comfortable training environment and more.
Y Cicek
12:23 17 Dec 21
Very professional stuff.also friendly.very good price in best place of city.highly recommended.
Shelan Ali
14:47 10 Dec 21
Started learning German from scratch and thanks to this organization I am really starting to like it! Professional and friendly approach, it stands up to it's title - you will speak a lot of German here, no matter which level you are at.
Martin Ciba
12:10 24 Dec 21
DIALOG is a really great place to learn German fastly, efficiently and with fun! I had two months of intensive German course, level A2, there. The administration team is always there to help and very patient with people who have a low German level at first. They can speak a good English as well.A special thank you to Helene who was an amazing teacher.I highly recommend you this language school.Vielen Dank für alles!
Laura Dietsch
21:14 04 Mar 22

Was lernst du im C1 Deutschkurs?
Hier ist dein Lerninhalt.


Im C1 Deutschkurs werden die Kenntnisse aus dem B2 Deutschkurs gefestigt und um weitere grammatikalische Strukturen ergänzt. Du lernst, dich klar, strukturiert und ausführlich zu äußern. Nach Abschluss des Sprachkurses kannst du:

  • ein breites Spektrum anspruchsvoller Texte verstehen.
  • dich spontan und fließend ausdrücken, ohne öfter nach Worten suchen zu müssen.
  • die Sprache im gesellschaftlichen und beruflichen Leben wirksam und flexibel gebrauchen.

Der DIALOG Sprachkurs ist in zwei Sprachniveaus unterteilt (C1.1 und C1.2) und wird wie gewohnt mit max. 9 Teilnehmenden durchgeführt.

Weitere Informationen:

Kursmaterial: Sicher! C1 Teilband 1 (C1.1) | Sicher! C1 Teilband 2 (C1.2)

Sprachniveaus laut GeR: Deutsch C1 | Niveaustufen: C1.1 und C1.2

Prüfungsvorbereitung: ÖSD Zertifikat C1 | telc C1

C1.1 – 1 Monat | C1.2 – 1 Monat

In nur einem Monat eine Niveaustufe abschließen!

Mit dem Newcomer Package
für nur € 587,00 jetzt durchstarten!

Für NeukundInnen: 1x Deutschkurs C1.1 & C1.2 (2 Monate) | 1 x DIALOG Workshop (1-2 Std.)

Jetzt Deutschkurs C1 buchen

Deutschkurs C1.1
Das solltest du wissen!

Im ersten Abschnitt des C1 Deutschkurses arbeitest du an deinen Hör-, Lese- und Schreibfertigkeiten zu Fachthemen aus dem wissenschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Leben. Alle Themen knüpfen an deine bisherige Deutschkenntnisse aus dem Niveau B2 an. Unsere SprachtrainerInnen vermitteln dir Fachvokabular und zeigen dir praktische Inhalte für deine deutsche Grammatik auf.

Deine Deutschkenntnisse nach dem Deutschkurs C1.1:


Sprechen über komplexe Themen

Zum Auftakt des C1.1 Deutschkurses lernst du, spontan und fließend über diverse Fachthemen zu sprechen, die komplexe Sachverhalten behandeln und dir im beruflichen und gesellschaftlichen Leben helfen können. Es wird dir möglich sein, deine Gedanken und Meinungen präzise auszudrücken und bestimmte Aspekte besonders auszuführen.

Endlich kannst du lange, komplexe Sachtexte und literarische Texte verstehen und Stilunterschiede wahrnehmen sowie Fachartikel und längere technische Anleitungen verstehen.

Diese Themen nutzen wir, um deinen Wortschatz zu erweitern

  • Modernes Leben
    über technischen Fortschritt diskutieren
  • Gesellschaftliche Veränderungen
    früher und heute vergleichen
  • Im Tourismus
    gemeinsame Reisen planen
  • Kommunikation im Hotel
    Anrufe tätigen
  • Intelligenz und Wissen
    Veränderungen diskutieren
  • Neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse
    Meinungen schriftlich äußern
  • Meine Arbeitsstelle
    Fachartikel verstehen
  • Offizielle und persönliche E-Mails
    verschiedene Sprachstile anwenden
  • Kunst
    Fachtexte analysieren
  • Umfragen
    Einschätzungen abgeben
  • Studium
    Studienangebote diskutieren
  • Interkulturelle Kommunikation
    eine Vorlesung verstehen

Deine Grammatikthemen auf dem Niveau C1.1

Über praktischen Wortschatz hinaus behandeln wir in diesem Kursteil neue Grammatikthemen und vertiefen die bereits gelernten.

Grammatikthemen auf dem Sprachniveau C1.1
Vorsilben bei Verben es als obligatorisches und nicht-obligatorisches Element
Subjektive Bedeutung der Modalverben Graduierung von Adjektiven
Zweiteilige konzessive Konnektoren Fragen und Imperativ in der indirekten Rede
Modalverben und ihre Alternativen Redewiedergabe mit Präpositionen
Irreale Folgesätze Dativ-Präpositionen
Feste Nomen-Verb-Verbindungen Nachsilben bei Nomen
Adjektivdeklination nach Artikelwörtern Verweiswörter im Text

Um die deutsche Grammatik auch richtig zu festigen, ist es unser Ansatz, dir alle Punkte verständlich zu erklären und wir vermitteln dir, wie du diese praktisch umsetzen kannst. Aus Erfahrung wissen wir auch, dass oftmals die korrekte mündliche Anwendung der Grammatik schwierig ist. Um dir dabei zu helfen, werden von Anfang an mündliche Übungen und Aktivitäten genutzt.

Für Deutschkurs C1.1 anmelden

Deutschkurs C1.2
Alle Informationen dazu!

Auch im zweiten Abschnitt stehen deine Hör-, Lese- und Schreibfähigkeiten in Deutsch im Vordergrund. Nach Abschluss wirst du eine Analyse zu deinem Deutschkurs in Wien abgeben können. Du wirst endlich ohne allzu große Mühe Fernsehsendungen und Spielfilme verstehen.

Deine Deutschkenntnisse nach dem Deutschkurs C1.2:


Diese spannenden Themen erwarten dich…

  • Finanzen
    Maßnahmen diskutieren
  • Zahlungsverkehr
    einen Radiobeitrag verstehen
  • Psychologie
    Fachartikel einordnen
  • Persönlichkeit & Verhalten
    Fachvorträgen folgen
  • Stadt- und Landleben
    Forumsbeiträge verfassen
  • Ökologie
    über die Zukunft debattieren
  • Literatur
    Kurzgeschichten analysieren
  • Zutaten für Texte
    literarische Texte verfassen
  • Interkulturelles
    über Missverständnisse berichten
  • Internationale Geschäftskontakte
  • Forschung
    Methoden kommentieren
  • Technik
    Werbetexte verfassen

Grammatik C1.2

Wir perfektionieren deine Grammatik und behandeln nochmals neue Themenbereiche. Mit aktiven Übungen, praxisbezogenen Beispielen sowie klar verständlichen Erläuterungen festigen wir deine bisher erworbenen Grammatikkenntnisse auf dem Sprachniveau C1.

Grammatikthemen auf dem Niveau C1.2
Verbal- und Nominalstil Temporale Zusammenhänge
Kausale Zusammenhänge Variationen der Satzstellung
Gerundiv als Passiversatz Konsekutive und modale Zusammenhänge
Aspektverschiebung bei Modalverben Vergleiche
Konditionale und konzessive Zusammenhänge Präpositionen mit Genitiv
Adjektive und Partizipien mit Präpositionen Partizipialsätze

Language levels


Language levels of our German courses according to CEFR:

Für Deutschkurs C1.2 anmelden

Deutschkurs C1.1 oder C1.2?

Welcher der beiden Teile passend für dich ist, kann ganz leicht mit unserem DIALOG Einstufungstest geklärt werden.