Valeriia is a professional stylist with many years of experience working both on TV and with private clients. She has long turned her love of fashion from a hobby into a profession.

Here in Vienna, at our language school DIALOG, she completed German levels A1.2 to A2.2 from March to June 2023 in our intensive courses. After a summer break, she plans to continue her “German adventure”.

She documented her German learning journey at DIALOG in several stories on her highly exciting Instagram account @lazyheels, which we were very pleased about. That’s why we were happy to ask her for a short interview:

  1. Customer service & Atmosphere
  2. Trainers & Teaching methods
  3. Course & supplementary offer
  4. Learning success & conclusion

Do you want to learn a new language? Find out here how Valeriia benefited from the German courses at our language school. Let’s go!

Customer service & Atmosphere

DIALOG: How did the personal support at DIALOG – DER SPRACHCAMPUS help you, and what impact did it have on your German learning success?

VALERIIA: All the personal support, without any exception, was always ready to help and provide any kind of information needed. This, of course, made the learning process easy and inspired further progress.

DIALOG:How did you feel about the atmosphere? Did it help you feel comfortable and motivated to learn German?

VALERIIA: The ambiance was always relaxed and peaceful, yet encouraging and motivating.

Trainers & Teaching methods

DIALOG: How did the trainers support you in learning German? What specific aspects of the course did you particularly enjoy?

VALERIIA: The trainers were always there to help explain the material, provide feedback, tips, and share their experience. I especially enjoyed the audio exercises and speaking club.

DIALOG: Which teaching methods and technologies helped you improve your German language skills?

VALERIIA: Not only did our trainers explain the grammar, but they also supported the class with speaking sessions, video-watching, and commenting on them.

Course & supplementary offer

DIALOG: Did the German classes and supplementary programs offered (such as workshops or “Feierabendbier”) help you feel more comfortable in the new city and apply your language skills in real-life situations?

VALERIIA: A wide variety of supplementary materials based on everyday situations was very helpful, making it easy to implement what you learned outside the classroom.

DIALOG: Did you benefit from the flexibility when it came to class times? Was it possible to balance your German classes with other commitments?

VALERIIA: Regarding the timetable, I was very happy to be able to choose the hours that were convenient for me. There are three options: morning, lunchtime, and afternoon. As far as I know, it’s difficult to find a school with this level of flexibility.

Learning success & conclusion

DIALOG: Do you feel that the course gave you the necessary tools to communicate successfully in a German-speaking environment?

VALERIIA: I feel a lot more comfortable speaking German after taking the course.

DIALOG: How did DIALOG – DER SPRACHCAMPUS meet your expectations of a German course, and would you recommend the school to others?

VALERIIA: I would recommend this school without any hesitation. It’s definitely my number one choice in Vienna

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Get a taste of our supplementary material here: Präteritum (exercise with solutions here)

June 2023