Since 2011…
Kathrin Kreiner, a member of the founder team of ‘DIALOG – DER SPRACHCAMPUS’ organises the monthly Meet & Greet in Vienna. A bar in the city heart of Vienna with specialities from Carinthia – the southern province of Austria – is the meeting place for people from all over the world.

„With DIALOG – DER SPRACHCAMPUS I am glad to bring more space for international diversity and to improve communication between people and their different cultures.“

Kathrin Kreiner, GeschäftsführungKathrin Kreiner, DIALOG - DER SPRACHCAMPUS

The ‘Meet & Greet Event’ is not just organized for students of the Language School in Vienna, it is an open event where people from Austria, Italy, Iran, Mongolia, Holland, Afghanistan, Colombia, France, Slovakia, Croatia and many more countries come together. There are no borders between people from all over the world – everybody is very welcome. The only conditions for participation: Be open-minded, be talkative and enjoy meeting great people.

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We are a private language training institution for German, English and Spanish situated right in the heart of Vienna. All of Vienna is our (Sprach-) Campus. Therefore we offer you workshops which will help you to enjoy the daily life in Vienna. Additionally, we – as locals – will show you interesting places and exciting activities in and around Vienna.